The Seltzer Man

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Treasure Coast Seltzer Works  

Hand bottled, charcoal filtered, all natural, siphon bottle seltzer delivered directly to your home or business within the Treasure Coast, Florida, area.  We only use siphon bottles, so you never loose the fizz!!! Treasure Coast Seltzer Works Is a 100% certified green company. There is ZERO landfill waste with our product.

We pride ourselves in being a small family company making the best seltzer in the world. Our current glass seltzer bottles are no longer made anywhere. All are hand blown from Czechoslovakia, and were used back in the early 1900’s. 

With the explosive growth of our business, we had to reinvent ourselves.  Currently, with our partners in Europe, we have designed and developed a new BPA free siphon seltzer bottle, exclusive to Treasure Coast Seltzer Works.

Seltzer Cost

Each case of six is $18.00*. Delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays, to your door.  Due to rising cost of fuel, there is a $3.00 fuel surcharge for home delivery. If you live south of Lake Worth the price of each case is $21.00. We also offer Oxygenated Water and a mixed case of three seltzers and three O2-H2O for $18.00/$21.00 a case.

You may always exchange and buy your seltzer at any of the Green Markets we attend each weekend for no fuel surcharge. Please check out our CALENDAR tab to see our location each day.

How to Order Seltzer

Please call, text, or email us.

Leave your name,address, and phone number.

We will call you back within 24 hours.